Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad day, turned good!

Today started out yucky! I had a headache, didn't feel good. But we were headed to the museum anyway (because it was Tuesday, and our day to go). We were loaded in the van, ready to go. The van would not start!! I was SOOO mad and aggravated. I called Greg and he said he would come home. I called my friend we were supposed to meet at the museum, and they came over here and had a play date. The kids were good and we had a good time. Greg came home, and the van started for him (figures, I knew it would, just my luck). But he called the shop and took it in. They said it was fine, and nothing was wrong. The good thing was, they didn't charge us. My friend Julie called me and asked if I could take her to Sam's club (she doesn't have a membership). So, I checked with Greg and he said not a problem. After I put Miles to bed, I met her at Sam's. We went here and then to the mall. We shut the mall down. We went to McDonalds and was there till 10:30ish. It was nice to sit and drink a Coke and have a carmel sundae (that I did not have to share!!) and have adult conversation. So it ended up being a very nice day. Tomorrow should be crazy, chiropractor appointment, then headed to Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving. Looking for a few days surrounded by family, and having Greg around.

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