Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well Visits

We had Miles' 9 month and Tucker's 2 1/2 year well visit at the doctor's on Thursday.

Miles weighed 20 pounds (38%), 28 inches (36%) and his head was 17 3/4 inches (44%). It seems like a lower percentage than the bigger 2 boys, but I haven't gotten out their books to find out. She said he looks wonderful! He is crawling around like crazy. He is working on his top teeth. Today we did his handprints and footprints in clay to frame. We had to redo them a couple times cause they kept on messing up. But I think they turned out good

Tucker was 32 1/2 pounds (75%) and 36 1/2 inches (51%). She said he looked wonderful too. We have been potty training him. Hasn't been going very good. He was doing great, and then he started having accidents a lot. We are having more trouble with him than Logan, but they are 2 very different boys! Tucker is VERY stubborn. He has been having an attitude lately. Hopefully we can change that soon!

Logan didn't have an appointment. We did put him on the scales while we were there. He weighed 38 pounds. She checked him because he had a cough, but he was fine. He is getting so big. He tries to boss Tucker and Miles a lot. He is very loving though.

We still don't know what we are doing with our house yet. We are putting it on the market soon. Greg went and looked at 7 houses on Friday. We found 1 that we liked. So we will see!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not building

We made up our mind this weekend. We are not building a house. We got our money back from CP Morgan, and they canceled our purchase agreement. We sent the papers to Century 21 to take our house off the market. We are talking about buying a "used" house. We have found a couple online that we are interested. Just need to go look at them. Greg may do that while we are at the truck show next weekend. We are ok with everything.

My friend Julie is ok with us leaving our stuff in their garage for a little longer. So there is no rush for us. We are going to take our time, and not rush into anything.

The kids are doing great. Miles is crawling around like a speed deamon.

Tucker has been trying to use the potty. He has had some poop accidents, but he is doing really good at peeing on the potty. We are very proud of him.

Logan spent some time at my parent's house. And his attitude is still good this week.

On the 5th, we met with Angie, Chloe and Seth and had a playdate. The kids enjoyed playing together. It was fun seeing the cousins all play so good.