Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stuff and Things

A lot has happened the past week or so. We have signed a purchase agreement on a house. We are waiting on the realtor to come to our house and tell us how much they will give us for our house. We are going to build, if everything goes accordingly. It will be around 161st and Spring Mill in Westfield. It has been such a God thing. We were just checking out new houses, and came across this one. We went in and looked and really liked it. So we got some floor plans. We looked at cost and numbers. We thought it was going to be out of our price range. But they ran some numbers for us, and we should be able to do it. Mom had an eye appointment on the 6th. She took the boys with her on the 7th and they spent a few days with them. We got the boys back on Sunday the 11th. My friends Matt and Julie have a big barn/garage they said we could store our stuff in. So we started moving stuff out of our house to their barn. We got to go to the new home showroom. We spent a few hours there on Friday, and some more on Saturday! We think we pretty well have down what we want. We are waiting on some numbers for some things we want in the house (Finished Basement, bedroom and bathroom in basement, Sunroom, 42 inch cabinets, 6 foot bumpout on the garage). We have chosen our lot and it is ours. We can still back out. Just have to find out what the Realtor has to say and the numbers.

Anna came up on Monday night and has been working wonders in our bathrooms. I could do without the snow we are getting but that is ok.

We have a LOT of stuff at Julie's house. I still have some more stuff to take over, when we get some time (and the snow stops). It is very exciting and scary for us. Our closets are looking really good. The whole house is looking much better!

That is the fun and exciting stuff been going on with us.

We are not definately building yet, not a done deal. But it is becoming more of a reality.

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