Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to the Grind

Tomorrow Greg has to go back to work, and it is back to the normal routine!

It has been so nice having him off work the past 2 weeks!

We got the Wii "My Fitness Coach" and Outdoor Adventure Games. I absolutely LOVE them! I have been doing the Coach the past 2 nights, and the same with the Outdoor Adventure. They are great! They really get you moving.

We have been looking at new houses. We both really want a bigger house with a basement...came REALLY close to taking the plunge...but I think we have backed off. Still some talking...but most likely we will wait until our house is paid off some more.

Miles threw up tonight. It was not good. I had just feed him his solids for supper and gave him a puff, and he threw up. We started to clean up, and he did it some more and more. He must have caught what Logan had. I hope he gets to feeling better. It is no fun having sick kids!

My mom will be here tomorrow. The boys are so excited. She gave them a calender last time we were at her house, and we have been marking off the days till she comes. They love it, it has been a pretty good idea. Mom has an eye appointment on Tuesday at a new eye doctor up here for her glaucoma. Greg is going to take the morning off and watch the big boys, so I can go and be with Mom and hear all they have to say.

Yesterday I went to Goodwill and found a BRAND NEW Christmas Tree. The box said it cost $250. I thought it was going to be $30, and after tax, I ended up paying $16. I was so excited. It is a 7 1/2 foot tree. It is frosted and prelit. We had to get it out and look at it! We are all cleaned up from Christmas.

We made cookies tonight. Peanut Butter for my Dad and chocolate chip for us. We gave Dad cookie coupons for Christmas. So when he turns one in, I make him some cookies. He loves them, and the Boys and I like making them.

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