Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Long and Crazy Day!

It has been a LONG and CRAZY day!! We got up early (well, not early, but early for us....aka me). We had to get up, dressed, and have breakfast so we could leave mom and dad's house by 8:15ish this morning. Mom had a doctors appointment. She has been feeling blucky for the past 2 weeks. The boys were pretty good at the appointment. We went to Walmart to get her prescription filled. When we got back to the house, Logan put the train set together, and Mom opened the new train she got. The boys had a good time playing with that until lunch. After lunch they played a little more while I got the van loaded and ready to go. Logan did NOT want to leave. Horrible mommy I am, I made him come home with us. Tucker was asleep by Montgomery, and Logan was asleep by Loogootee. However, they were both awake by Martinsville. Miles was a dream like usual. He was asleep before we left the house. We stopped by Flower Factory on our way home. I had some stuff I wanted to get, and it had been forever since I had been there. We didn't get home until almost 4:30. I managed to get the van unloaded and some stuff put away before Greg got home. He got home, I loaded Miles up and we went to Support Group. He weighs 17 lb 7.7 oz!! He is doing good and getting big. After group, came home got the kids to bed, and ate supper. Then I worked on going through e-mail, putting stuff away, and trying to catch up on being gone. I did get most of my Avon stuff done. I'm exhausted, and ready to go to bed!

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