Friday, December 26, 2008


It has been a crazy week. My parents got here on Sunday Night. We went to the State Museum on Monday (it was free). The boys got to ride the train. We had a nice time. On Tuesday, we went shopping some. I was supposed to have a chiropractor appointment. But it was icy, and the police closed off the interstate so we couldn't get there. But we had a good afternoon. Got our baking done. The boys decorated their ornaments we made a couple days before. On Christmas Eve, Greg's parents, sister, and nephew Ryan came. We had a nice lunch and opened presents. We had a really good visit with them. I hadn't seen Ryan since he was like 6 months old (he is 14 months now!!). We went to Christmas Eve service at church. I played my flute. I really surprised my mom. Afterwards we went to Terry and Cheryl's house for soup and junk food. We got home after 10.

On Christmas morning, my dad made us breakfast burritos (VERY GOOD!). Got pictures before we had breakfast. After we got breakfast cleaned up, we opened presents. The boys had a wonderful time playing with their toys. My uncle Phil and aunt Royce came for lunch. After lunch and they left. My parents took Logan and Tucker and went to their house. Greg, Miles, and I stayed here at the house and cleaned stuff up. It took us a couple hours to clean up and put toys away and open everything. But it looks lots better!!! We went out to supper. The only things that were open were Chinese. So we picked it up and brought it home. We got the kitchen cleaned up and ready to go to my parents.

Today we went to the library and got the stuff I had on hold. Went to Walmart to see what kind of after Christmas sales they had. Didn't get too much, we did get some lights for our tree next year. Picked up my pictures from Sam's. Went to Lifeway to look at Bibles for Greg and Logan. Didn't find any we really liked right now. But we did find a couple books we wanted. Went out to lunch. We are all packed and headed out as soon as I'm done. My Dad's brothers will be getting together a little bit tongiht. We are having the Clinton Clan Christmas tomorrow. Mark and Angie won't be there because they are still in China picking up the little girl they adopted. Their kids will be there. It should be a fun evening!!

Have a Happy New Year!!

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