Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New House

There has been a LOT going on at our house lately!!!

5 days before we were supposed to close on our new house, we got an offer (for the asking price) on our old house!! We were excited and a little apprehensive. Mom was going to rent our old house, so now she is living with us in our new house. The new buyers had an inspection, and they liked the house the way it was, did not want us to fix anything! Very exciting for us!!! So we close on our old house October 23!

We got into our new house on September 28th. Greg got that day off, but that was it! We spent the night in our new house the day we got it! The boys love the new house. Their favorite place is the basement, where they pretty well have full run of it, and their toys are always all over the place!!!

I havent' had time to download my camera. When I do, I will post pictures.

Mom has her own room in the basement. We need to get a plumber out here and get a bathroom in the basement.

Logan and Tucker are sharing a room, and Miles has his own room for right now. We need to get another set of bunkbeds made. He will then go in with the boys in a big bed, and then we will have a crib for the baby.

We are loving all the space in our new house!! It is great!

If you need our new address and phone number, please post a comment with your email, and I will get it to you!

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