Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Logan Fractured His Leg

On Tuesday (August 18), I decided to stay home and veg, because we went to the Indiana State Fair on Monday. I was working on laundry and menus. I was getting ready to fix lunch. I had just come downstairs and told Logan to quit jumping on the couch. I went in the kitchen and then Logan started crying! I asked what was wrong, he said his leg hurt. I asked him how he did it, but he said he didn't know. (He didn't want to tell was what he did.) It came out that he was jumping on the couch and somehow his leg got hut.

I wasn't sure if he was serious, or was just wanting to get some attention. I snuggled with him for a little bit, and he continued to hold his leg. I made him sit, and got lunch fixed. He wouldn't/couldn't walk. When I made him stand he shook. So I carried him to the dinning room. He didn't really want to eat. He ate his Kiwi, but didn't want his milk and dinosaurs. He wanted to go up and take a nap. So I carried him up, and laid him down. I finished up with Tucker's and Miles' lunch and let them go play. Went up and made Logan go potty. He wouldn't put pressure on his leg (wouldn't even stand up, he was crawling to the bathroom). I helped him get there, and then gave him some Tylenol and had him lay down.

I was trying to decide what to do. Logan's Doctor told me to take him to the ER or Medcheck, cause if we took him to her office, they would just send us to get an x-ray. So I had already laid Miles down for a nap. So I was getting Tucker ready for a nap, or kindof ready to go. I had Tucker ready to go, and went in to get Logan, and he was ALSEEP already. So I put Tucker down for a nap. Once Logan and Miles got up from their nap, I opened Tucker's door, and he kindof woke up.

So I got us all ready to go. We got to MedCheck at 4:15ish. We got to fill out paperwork and sit there until around 5. I forgot to take the ergo in, and I didn't take anything for the boys to do. So it was a little rough. They put us back in a room, Logan was running a slight fever. The doctor came in and looked at him, and talked to him, and ordered x-rays. So we went back to wait our turn for x-rays. I carried Logan into the room, and laid him on the table. I explained what the guy was going to do, and left him in there. It seemed to take a while. The door opened and Logan was crying and was in a chair instead of on the table. The guy said he cou ldn't even walk. (which I knew already!!).

We went back to our little room to wait on the results. The doctor stuck his head in the door, and asked if we had the x-rays done. We told him yes. He came back a little later and said he was waiting on them. At about 6:30 Greg got there. They FINALLY found Logan's x-rays. They had him in the computer as Lara Logan, instead of Logan Lara!! The doctor said Logan had fractured his leg, and would need a splint, and would have to go see ortho on Wednesday. He asked if we wanted to see the x-rays, which we did. We left Logan and Tucker in the room (by this time Miles was fussy, cause he was hungry, Tucker was bouncing off the walls, and Logan was hungry!!). The doctor showed us the x-rays, it wasn't really bad. So the nurse was getting ready to splint Logan's leg, so Greg talked to the doctor a little more, and I went back with the boys. They got it splinted up, and gave us papers. Greg left with Tucker and Miles to go home and get them some supper. Logan and I had to wait a little bit for the x-rays. We finally got out of there at around 7:30. I had missed a couple calls, cause we weren't supposed to have cell phones in there.

Anna and Mickey had called Greg while he was in there, and we couldn't answer it. A little while later Mickey called me, still couldn't get to it. Finally we got to leave, and I listened to Mickey's message. Mickey and Anna said they were coming up. I was excited. I called mom on my way home to tell her what was going on. I pulled into the driveway and ANNA AND MICKEY WERE HERE!! It was completely a God thing because they had no clue what was even going on! They were shocked to find out that Logan had fractured his leg.

They stayed the night, and we got to visit with them. We stayed up WAY to late, but that was ok. Miles woke up EARLY this morning (Wednesday). Greg put him back down, and then Tucker woke up. Got him back in bed. Then he came out and said Logan is going to throw up. So I went in and checked on Logan, he needed some more medicine, cause his leg was hurting. And told them they needed to lay back down it was WAY to early to be up. I looked up the information on the ortho doctor we were supposed to go see. I found the forms to fill out, and got them filled out.

We got up and got breakfast started. Anna made eggs and potatoes. Logan wanted yogurt. So while Anna was working on breakfast, I called the doctor's office to get an appointment. They said they didn't have any appointments till tomorrow, so I said, that's fine, I would just call Logan's pediatrician and they would get him in somewhere. She said hold on. So she checked some more, and they squeezed us in between some surgeries. So she said be there at 11:30.

Gloria drove Mom up, so she could be here and help. They got here about 11. We got Anna and Mickey settled with Miles and Tucker, and got lunch started and they knew what to do. Mom, me and Logan left and went to the doctor's office. We were about 5 minutes late, but we were ok. I already had his paperwork filled out, so that helped alot.

We got to sit in the waiting room for a few minutes and then they called us back. The nurse showed us the x-rays, and where his leg was fractured. The nurse asked Logan what color of a cast he wanted and he said "yellow". She said ok. We waited a few minutes and then the doctor came in. He asked Logan how he did it, and Logan told him. They cut the splint off and started putting the new one on. He did SO good. He sat there and did exactly what the doctor said to do. So he got a yellow cast like he wanted. It is in the middle of his thigh on his right leg, and down to his ankle. He will be in it 6-8 weeks. We go back next Friday for some x-rays.

Anna and Mickey were lifesavers!!! It was wonderful not to have to worry about Miles and Tucker. It was great having mom there with me to help ask questions and know what all was going on too. She thought it was neat watching them put the cast on. I did take some pictures!

It has been stressful, but everything has gone very well!!!

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