Friday, June 26, 2009

Miles' 1 year appointment

We had Miles' 1 year appointment on Tuesday.

He still wasn't feeling very good. They did a strep swab, and it turned out fine. The only other thing the doctor thought it could be was a urinary tract infection. So they needed to do a urine test. With him being so little they had to stick a catheter in so they could do the test. Miles did NOT like that one bit. He cried the whole time. It was hard on me, but we made it through. Greg offered to hold him, but as clingy as Miles has been lately, I thought I better do it. I had Greg take Logan and Tucker out so they didn't have to watch. Good news, everything was fine. She said to watch him and if his fever wasn't down, to call on Friday. His fever went down and he seems to be doing much better. However, he is still REALLY clingy!

Other than those tests, she thought he looked WONDERFUL!!

We weighed 21 lb 14 oz (35%). He was 30 inches tall (55%). His head was 18 1/4 inches (48%).

We were glad of the good news.

Can't believe he is a year old already!

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